Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Posspole stand for?
    Posspole stands for "Possibilities" and "Destination." It symbolizes a space where innovative possibilities come together to achieve excellence.
  • I have a software product. Can I come in here?
    Yes, Posspole welcomes a diverse range of ventures, including those in software development. We support innovation and technology across various sectors.
  • What is Posspole?
    Posspole is a dynamic ecosystem for high-tech product creation, market access, and manufacturing, fostering innovation and collaboration
  • Where is Posspole located?
    Posspole's primary center is located at Hudson Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
  • What is the mission and vision of Posspole?
    Posspole's mission is to be a catalyst for high-tech innovation, driving positive transformation and sustainable growth across industries. Its vision is to create a world-class ecosystem for product creation, market access, and manufacturing.
  • What are the criteria to be invited into Posspole?
    Posspole welcomes a diverse range of innovators and startups. Specific criteria may vary based on the nature of your venture. Contact us to discuss your eligibility and potential fit.
  • Can I participate if my startup is still ideating?
    Yes, Posspole welcomes startups at various stages of development, including those in the ideation phase. We provide support to nurture and transform your ideas into thriving businesses.
  • I am a solo founder. Can I still be a part of this ecosystem?
    Absolutely, solo founders are welcome at Posspole. Our ecosystem is designed to facilitate networking, collaboration, and growth for individuals and teams alike.
  • What are the services you offer to startups?
    Posspole offers a wide range of services, including access to workspace, mentorship, funding opportunities, networking events, and more. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for your venture's success.
  • Is this an incubation program? If yes, how long does it last?
    While Posspole offers incubation-like support, it is not limited to a fixed duration. The length of your engagement with Posspole can vary based on your needs and goals.
  • Is it Free of cost?
    Posspole's services may have associated costs, which can vary depending on the level of support and services you require. Please inquire for specific details.
  • What is the cost?
    The cost of Posspole's services can vary depending on your requirements. Please contact us for detailed pricing information.
  • What are you taking back from the company?
    Posspole's engagement terms vary based on the nature of your venture and the services provided. We may seek equity or fees for services rendered. Details will be discussed individually.
  • Are you kind of a workspace?
    Posspole provides a complete ecosystem for innovation, collaboration, and growth.Space is a part of it.
  • How different are you from WeWork/Behive?
    Unlike traditional co-working spaces, Posspole offers a holistic product ecosystem that goes beyond shared office space, including mentorship, funding, and tailored support for innovation and growth
  • Are the experts provided along with the package?
    Posspole offers access to a network of experts and mentors who can provide guidance and support, but their involvement may vary depending on your specific needs.
  • Who is walking in every day?
    Posspole attracts a diverse community of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, creating a dynamic environment for collaboration.
  • How often do investors visit?
    Posspole hosts events and networking opportunities where investors participate regularly. The frequency can vary.
  • I already have a big facility and expert manpower. Why Posspole?
    Posspole provides a unique ecosystem for cross-industry collaboration, mentorship, and access to a broader network of innovators and investors, complementing your existing resources.
  • Onboarding process? How is it?
    The onboarding process at Posspole is designed to be smooth and tailored to your needs. It typically involves an application, evaluation, and orientation to the ecosystem.
  • How are you different from incubator centers?
    Posspole offers a more extensive and dynamic ecosystem beyond traditional incubator centers, providing a comprehensive range of services and fostering collaboration across industries.
  • What’s your business model?
    Posspole's business model may include revenue streams from services offered, equity stakes in startups, and partnerships with companies
  • Is this another trick for real estate?
    No, Posspole is not a real estate venture. It is an innovation ecosystem focused on fostering high-tech product creation, market access, and manufacturing.
  • Any partners/ collaborators?
    Posspole collaborates with various partners, including tech companies, industry experts, investors, and other organizations to support its ecosystem.
  • Whom should I contact?
    Posspole offers different service packages tailored to the specific needs of startups and innovators. Please inquire for details.
  • Is this membership/ subscription model?
    Posspole offers various membership and subscription models tailored to the needs of startups and businesses.
  • Who are the founders/ background?
    The founders of Posspole have diverse backgrounds in entrepreneurship, technology, and business development. They bring a wealth of experience to support the Posspole ecosystem.
  • Do you have investors?
    Posspole has received investment from various sources to support its growth and initiatives.
  • Is it a government/ private company?
    Posspole is a privately-owned company dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration.
  • Are you leasing it out?
    Posspole offers leasing and membership options to startups and businesses looking to access its ecosystem.
  • Do you have your own manufacturing unit?
    Posspole provides access to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities as part of its ecosystem but does not own or operate manufacturing units itself.
  • How are you helping with innovations?
    Posspole offers a collaborative environment, mentorship, access to experts, and resources to help startups and businesses innovate and develop their products and services.
  • We are just an agency. How do we fit in Posspole?
    Agencies can benefit from Posspole by accessing a community of potential clients, networking opportunities, and resources to enhance their services.
  • I have connects with people already, why would I need Posspole?
    Posspole provides a structured ecosystem that facilitates networking, collaboration, and access to resources, which can further enhance your existing connections and business opportunities.
  • How is it different from BNI?
    Posspole is a broader ecosystem that focuses on innovation, manufacturing, and business development, whereas BNI primarily emphasizes networking and referrals among its members.
  • How would Posspole enhance our product/ service/ agency?
    Posspole offers access to a diverse community, mentorship, funding opportunities, and resources that can help improve product development, service offerings, and agency growth.
  • What types of products are you manufacturing?
    Posspole supports the manufacturing of various products across industries, including technology, electronics, defense, and more.
  • What services do you provide?
    Posspole offers a wide range of services, including manufacturing support, mentorship, networking, funding opportunities, and access to experts.
  • How is it beneficial for my company?
    Posspole can benefit your company by providing access to resources, mentorship, collaboration opportunities, and a community of like-minded individuals and businesses.
  • We are a defense company; how can we showcase something that is confidential for the public or other foreign delegates, since you say that you have foreign clients?
    Posspole can offer secure and private spaces for confidential discussions and presentations. It can also facilitate connections with trusted partners.
  • Do you help in exporting?
    Posspole can provide resources and connections to help businesses explore and expand into international markets.
  • Do you have this setup in any other place other than Bengaluru?
    Posspole have plans to expand to other locations in the next 3-6 months.
  • Are you guys open 24/7?
    The operating hours may vary, but Posspole aims to provide flexible access to its facilities and services.
  • I have a patent-protected product; if I place it there, will other companies not copy my product and sell it under their names?
    Posspole takes security and confidentiality seriously. It can provide secure spaces and agreements to protect intellectual property.
  • What is your idea of monetization?
    Posspole monetizes through partnership fees, leasing, business services, and other business collaborations.
  • Who are your valuable clients?
    Posspole collaborates with a diverse range of startups, businesses, and organizations to support their growth and innovation. Please contact us to know more
  • Do you offer shipping and logistics services along with the Package?
    Posspole offers logistics and support services as part of its packages.
  • Any Success Stories?
    Posspole have success stories from startups and businesses that have benefited from its ecosystem.
  • What steps do you take to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability?
    Posspole have sustainability initiatives in place, such as eco-friendly practices and partnerships. Please read section on Sustainability
  • Requirements for Suppliers/contractors to onboard Posspole?
    The specific requirements for suppliers and contractors may vary based on individual agreements and partnerships with Posspole.
  • Client Relationship details?
    For client relationship details, you can contact Posspole directly to inquire about specific client relationships and collaborations.