The POSSPOLE Ecosystem

Creating a product and making it success is Highly Complex!

it is a multi disciplinary. high cost. high failure. needs coordinated actions among various functions

Why,How,and What
Jobs To Be Done
Product and Services
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Stratergy for Execution

POSSPOLE is a Dynamic 360-degree Ecosystem for High Tech Products Creation, Manufacturing and Market Access

The ecosystem has democratised High Tech product development, manufacturing and market access by providing common infrastructure, technology licensing, intellectual property development, access to talents, common services, access to equipments and manufacturing facilities, creating product awareness and reach to local and global markets.

Posspole empowers product creation and its success by enabling seamless co-ordinated actions among various functions.

The ecosystem creates sense of oneness, belonginess, support system and inspires ambitious entrepreneurs overcoming their own internal challenges to deal with uncertainties of business.

Our Focus Sectors

Defence, Aero, Mobility, Semiconductor, Sustainability, Food and Health are first sectors for product development, market access and manufacturing from India to Global market.

The Sustainability

Posspole's fundamental stand on sustainability in product creation, manufacturing, and market access involves a commitment to environmental responsibility, ethical practices, and long-term positive impact. Here are key principles that form the foundation of Posspole's sustainability stance :

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Test and Compliances

In the defense and aerospace industries, products undergo rigorous testing and must comply with various standards to ensure safety, reliability, and performance. The specific tests and compliances can vary depending on the type of product, its application, and the regulations of the country or region. Here are some common aspects related to testing and compliance in defense and aerospace enabled by POSSPOLE.

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What Values and Culture Drives Posspole?

Values and culture of Posspole is in consistent with creating a cohesive and productive community focused on fostering innovation and facilitating high-tech product development.

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Whom Do We Work With ?

Industry Associations

Industry associations related to high-tech manufacturing, product development, and market access who would like to grow their comapnies and utilize their experts, and resources

Research Institutions and Universities

Research institutions and universities who foster innovation, have access to cutting-edge research, and a talent pipeline of skilled professionals

Government Agencies

Government bodies who would like to accelerate implementation of their strategic plans, growth and expansion plans and who can offer support through funding, incentives, grants, and regulatory assistance, helping

Corporate Partners

Forming strategic partnerships in relevant sectors to leveraging expertise, resources, and market access.
Investors and Venture Capital Firms

Investors and Venture Capital Firms

Investors and venture capital firms who would like to support their startups, look for high tech products funding, mentorship, and connections to potential clients and markets.
Startups and Entrepreneurs

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Collaborating with startups and entrepreneurs leading to innovative ideas, partnerships, and a dynamic ecosystem that supports rapid growth.

Technology Providers

Partnering with technology providers giving access to cutting-edge tools, software, and hardware for high-tech product development.
Incubators and Accelerators

Incubators and Accelerators

Partnering with startup incubators and accelerators helping in identifying promising startups,and potentially integrating their innovations into Posspole ecosystem.

Local Communities

Engaging with local communities, including nearby clusters, residents, businesses, and schools, creainge a positive ecosystem that fosters growth and sustainability.

International Organizations

Partnering with international organizations or foreign government agencies who are looking for local market and also enable global market access and expansion.
Suppliers and Manufacturers

Suppliers and Manufacturers

Building relationships with suppliers and manufacturers who will ensure a steady supply chain for manufacturing high-tech products.

Market Access Partners

Collaborating with organizations that specialize in market access, distribution, and sales to reach new customers and markets
Innovation Hubs

Innovation Hubs

Innovation hubs and tech clusters that are aligned with POSSPOLE ecosystem's goals and who can offer a platform for collaboration and growth

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits working in related areas who can provide support, resources, and connections to socially responsible initiatives.


Empowering High-Tech Innovation and Growth

At the core of Posspole's ecosystem is the "Posspole Stack," a robust foundation designed to empower entrepreneurs, startups, corporates, researchers and businesses in their high-tech product realization journey. The Posspole Stack is a multi-dimensional framework that encompasses the following key components:

  • World-Class Facility : Our state-of-the-art infrastructure provides a collaborative environment where creativity thrives. From cutting-edge labs to co-working spaces, we offer the physical resources needed to turn product into reality.

  • Talent Network : The Posspole Stack boasts a diverse and talented community of experts, including engineers, scientists, designers, and industry specialists. This rich talent pool is readily accessible to fuel your product realization.

  • Advanced Manufacturing : With world-class manufacturing facilities, we enable the efficient production of high-tech products, ensuring precision and quality. Our expertise spans industries like electronics, aerospace, and defense.

  • Market Access Hub : Gain access to global markets through our extensive network of partners, customers, and investors. Posspole serves as a gateway to both Indian and international markets, facilitating market entry and expansion.

  • Investment Ecosystem : Secure the funding you need to scale your venture with the help of our investment ecosystem. From venture capitalists to angel investors, we connect you with the right financial resources.

The Posspole Stack is the engine that drives innovation, fostering an environment where visionary ideas are transformed into thriving businesses. It's a holistic approach that supports every aspect of the product development lifecycle, from ideation to manufacturing and market access. With Posspole, you have the stack you need to accelerate your high-tech innovation and achieve sustainable growth.

How Does Posspole Work?

Posspole is your partner in catalyzing high-tech innovation and driving the success of your product-based venture. Here's how Posspole works to support entrepreneurs and businesses at every stage of their journey:

Have a Core Product

To begin your journey with Posspole, you should have a core product or innovative idea that you're passionate about. Whether it's a technological breakthrough, a cutting-edge solution, or a visionary concept, we're here to help you bring it to life.
Walk in
Align your Core Team

Get Your Core Team

Building the right team is essential for success. Posspole helps you assemble a core team of skilled professionals who share your vision and can contribute their expertise to your project. This team forms the backbone of your product development journey.

Map Gaps for Your Product Development

Posspole's ecosystem provides the resources and infrastructure you need to bridge the gaps in your product development process. Whether it's access to advanced labs, R&D support, or mentorship, we ensure that your product development is on the right track.
Utilise Expert Manpower
Integrate with Backend

Map Gaps for Your Product Manufacturing (MFG)

Manufacturing high-tech products requires precision and expertise. Posspole offers world-class manufacturing facilities and partners to help you seamlessly transition from product development to production. We ensure that your manufacturing processes meet the highest standards.

Map Gaps for Your Product Market Access

Accessing markets, both in India and globally, is a critical step in your journey. Posspole's extensive network of partners, industry connections, and market experts assists you in navigating market entry, distribution, and expansion strategies.
Access the Market

Posspole's collaborative ecosystem serves as a launchpad for turning your visionary ideas into thriving businesses. We provide the support, resources, and strategic partnerships you need at every stage of your high-tech product's lifecycle. With Posspole, you have a dedicated partner committed to your success.

Manufacturing Hubs

We are currently involved in setting up of theme based Green Field manufacturing hubs in the areas of 250 acres mainly focusing on

Our Partners

We are currently involved in setting up of theme based Green Field manufacturing hubs in the areas of 250 acres mainly focusing on

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Posspole stand for?
    Posspole stands for "Possibilities" and "Destination." It symbolizes a space where innovative possibilities come together to achieve excellence.
  • I have a software product. Can I come in here?
    Yes, Posspole welcomes a diverse range of ventures, including those in software development. We support innovation and technology across various sectors.
  • What is Posspole?
    Posspole is a dynamic ecosystem for high-tech product creation, market access, and manufacturing, fostering innovation and collaboration
  • Where is Posspole located?
    Posspole's primary center is located at Hudson Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Product Creation and Market Access Zone

The Minds Behind The Vision

Posspole is the culmination of visionary minds with diverse expertise. Our members have excelled in Indian scientific research, pushing boundaries and achieving remarkable milestones in their fields. Additionally, their prowess in policy-making has enabled Indian companies to expand internationally, while attracting foreign collaborators to invest in India.
Furthermore, our experts have played instrumental roles in building cutting-edge hi-tech products for the Indian market, outperforming global competition and positioning businesses at the forefront of their industries. At Posspole, we harness this wealth of knowledge and experience to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, creating an environment that thrives on transformative solutions and unlocks unprecedented growth opportunities
The ecosystem is founded and supported by industry leaders from Nuclear, Space and Manufacturing businesses

Mr. Kiran Rudrappa
Co-founder and CEO

An ardent innovator solving real life challenges, building core teams, creating business models and realising them for global markets

Mr. Shashidhar MR
Co-founder and Vice President

Global & Local Business and Technology partnerships, Government alliances , business growth and investments

Mr. Gururaj Uday Nayak

Playing an critical role in building cutting-edge High tech products for the global market with aptitude to solve stringent problems with efficiency like none other